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Why We Love Plant-Based Skincare

Why We Love Plant-Based Skincare

Plant-based is more than just a fad diet or lifestyle. When it comes to skincare, plant-based products come with some serious skin benefits. Think about it: plants are the original medicine. Long before western medicine, chemicals and lab-created formulations became a thing, plants were used to heal the body, inside and out. Plant-based skincare products harness the power of naturally found ingredients that pack a major punch against signs of aging, acne, discoloration and sensitive skin conditions. No wonder they’re trending. 


Why plant-based skincare? 

One of many perks of plant-based skincare products are knowing exactly what is powering your formula. Plants are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, naturally-occurring acids, peptides and lipids that your skin needs to function well and look beautiful. Instead of artificial ingredients or fragrances camouflaging yucky formulas, you get pure, scientifically-backed products that you enjoy using. Regular use of plant-based formulations support the overall health and function of the skin. In short, they feel good, smell great, and deliver results and essential nutrients to your skin.


Why ClarityRx? 

At ClarityRx, we’ve been on the forefront of formulating plant-based products since before it was trendy. In 2021, we celebrated our sweet 16 and a line of products that are safe, pure and effective. For 16 years we have stayed true to our mission to create plant-based, results-driven skincare without any tradeoffs. In a ClarityRx formula, you’ll never find artificial fragrances or colors, synthetic chemicals, fillers or bulk.


Our bestsellers are tried and true plant-powered formulas that support your skin. Cleanse Daily(TM) Vitamin-Infused Cleanser sweeps away impurities and dirt while nourishing the skin with a dose of vitamins A, D, E and K. Together, these ingredients help support skin hydration and regeneration.   


Get Clean(TM) Crushed Bamboo Exfoliator gently polishes the skin using fine bamboo pieces. Bamboo is rich in silica that helps re-mineralize the complexion. Supportive ingredients include cucumber, rosemary and calendula to soothe and soften the skin. 


Feel Better(TM) Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream balances the skin and helps stimulate new cell growth and reduce signs of aging. Jojoba seed oil and sage leaf extract support this formula to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, encourage cell turnover and combat environmental damage.


But for us, it’s more than just products. Our process to create and deliver skincare to your door is one that is sustainable and entirely made in the U.S. We leave out excess packaging to reduce waste and harm to the environment. After all, if we want to keep formulating plant-based products, we need to ensure a healthy environment.

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