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Recreate the Spa Experience. . . At Home

Recreate the Spa Experience. . . At Home

Everyone loves a spa day and, luckily, they’re more than just an occasional indulgence. The spa experience hits every step in the skincare process with care and purpose. We love that spas often utilize natural products that often harness the power of plants (that’s our thing, after all). But when a spa day doesn’t fit into your schedule or budget, there are ways to recreate the experience at home. 


Try these four tips for your next at-home spa night: 


  1. Build your space. 

A calming, comfortable environment is everything when it comes to a spa experience. It allows you to relax and more effectively perform at-home treatments. Before you get started on anything, get your area situated in a way that’s comfortable to you. Move unnecessary clutter out of the way, grab a candle you love, find all the towels and products you’ll need. Having to interrupt your spa time to go grab items around the bathroom is the last thing you want to do! 


  1. Get steamy. 

A classic spa facial begins with steam. It helps open the pores and prep the skin for any treatments and products that follow. You may not have an at-home steamer, but that’s ok. Try sitting in a hot bath, placing your face above a bowl of hot water or placing a warm, damp towel over your face.


  1. Apply a mask. 

There are tons of at-home masks that are comparable to in-spa treatment options. Find one that feels good, relaxes you and is good for the skin. We love Return to Calm(TM) CBD Mask for it’s ultra-soothing properties. If you opted for a bath during step two, keep the mask within reach and apply it right in the bathtub. The steam will help your skin absorb key ingredients and you’ll be comfortable while you wait. 


  1. Add aromatherapy. 

With this step, no spa has an edge on your own bathroom. With high-quality aromatherapy, there are skin health and mental health benefits to regular use. Drop a few of your favorite oil into the bathtub, use them to massage sore or tense areas of the body or mix them in with your ClarityRx facial oils morning and night. Our new line of Peace Of Mind(TM) aromatherapy oils are a great, easy and trustworthy way to incorporate essential oils into your routine. Perfect for a spa experience, the Peace of Mind aromatherapy oils are formulated with just enough essential oils to give you the mind and body benefits without being overwhelming. Try Be Calm A Touch of Lavender for luxurious relaxation. Be Present A Touch of Eucalyptus helps bring awareness to your environment. Be Clear A Touch of Peppermint aides in focus and clarity. 


The next time you’re in need of a relaxing spa day, try it at home instead. A few extra steps and the right aromatherapy is all it takes to create the perfect environment right at home. 

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