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Free Shipping with any purchase of $125 or more.
Free Shipping with any purchase of $125 or more.
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Introducing our new and improved, condition specific kits. Available now to target any skin concern.
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Join our ClarityRx Pro Club, offering both Introductory and Advanced Education Certifications. Our educational program provides extensive product knowledge classes to advanced cosmetic chemistry and other important skill-building courses from consultative and retail selling, to skin analysis, and more.
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ClarityRx Corner

  • Hydrate With These 5 Plant-Based Ingredients

    Hydrate With These 5 Plant-Based Ingredients

    This time of year can be tough on the skin. Dry weather leads to dry, flaky and sometimes irritated skin, impaired barrier function and exacerbated signs of aging. But improving skin hydration doesn’t mean applying an extra layer of moisturizer. More doesn’t always mean better. Instead, pay extra attention to what instead of how much. That means, keep a close eye on ingredient labels to make sure the products you’re using have the right ingredients to restore and maintain skin hydration. Here are five of our favorites.
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  • Why We Love Plant-Based Skincare

    Why We Love Plant-Based Skincare

    Plant-based is more than just a fad diet or lifestyle. When it comes to skincare, plant-based products come with some serious skin benefits. Think about it: plants are the original medicine. Long before western medicine, chemicals and lab-created formulations became...

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