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ClarityRx: 17 Years of Clean Beauty

ClarityRx: 17 Years of Clean Beauty


At ClarityRx, we’re celebrating our 17th year. We’ve spent the last 17 years formulating results-driven, plant-based products with pharmaceutical quality ingredients. We started with Daily Dose of Water as our first product and it’s one many of you still love using every day. When we branched out into other types of products like Cleanse Daily and Feel Better and saw how much our product philosophy improved the health of our customer’s skin, we knew we were on to something.


clear skin, cruelty free face wipe cleansers

We aim to stay on the forefront of new therapies that deliver results without sacrificing what we stand for. ClarityRx is founded on two simple principles that define our approach to clean beauty.


Powerful, plant-based formulations

Our mission has always been to create results-driven skincare products with zero tradeoffs. So we sought out to unlock the power of natural actives by pairing them with conscious technology for products that are safe and effective. You’ll find CBD, probiotics, charcoal and other natural, highly effective ingredients leading our formulations and giving you results. 


Free of the gunk

Girl with clear skin, lip enlargement

In addition to being pharmaceutical grade products and plant-based, all ClarityRx formulations are:

  • Cruelty free
  • Fragrance free
  • Paraben free
  • Sulfate free
  • Harmful or synthetic chemicals
  • Filler free
  • Free from artificial colors


We opt out of extra, unnecessary packaging so not only are our ingredients and formulations sustainable, but the materials they’re delivered in are too. Instead of products coming in individual boxes, they’re shrink-wrapped and sealed to keep the contents inside fresh and effective until you use up the last drop. As always, our products are made in the U.S.A.


If you’re new to ClarityRx and don’t know what to start with, shop our bestsellers.

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