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Why Clinical Grade Products are Better for Your Skin

Why Clinical Grade Products are Better for Your Skin

Plant-based clinical grade skincare

When you think about skincare, the first thing that comes to mind is keeping your skin clean. However, there's much more to skincare than just washing your face. In order to have healthy and beautiful skin, you need to use products that are specifically designed for your skin type. Clinical grade products are meant for professional use and are typically better than over-the-counter products.

A quick online search for "beauty products" will generate an overwhelming number of results, all promising the same thing: beautiful, glowing skin. It can be hard to know which products to trust, especially when most beauty products are not held to the same regulatory standards as medications or other medical devices. So what makes clinical-grade skincare different?

Well, clinical-grade skincare is designed to do one thing: provide the most effective natural anti-aging treatment possible, while maintaining the highest possible safety standards. The best products for skincare are those that replenish your skin even in harsh conditions; one of the best ways to accomplish this is using clinical-grade skincare products.

Here are six key reasons that should make you incorporate clinical-grade products in your skincare routine:

1. Active Ingredients in Clinical-Grade Products are More Concentrated

The active ingredients in clinical-grade skincare products are much more concentrated than in non-clinical grade, so they are able to make more contact with the skin. In many cases, this implies that active ingredients will reach the deeper layers of your skin.

Since many skin problems stem from the deepest layers of your skin, the most effective skincare product is one that can reach all skin layers. Over-the-counter products tend to mask deeper skin problems instead of completely rectifying the underlying issue.

2. Clinical-Grade Products are Sold by Licensed Professionals

It's important to remember that these products are designed by medical professionals. This makes them more consistent and effective than non-clinical products. A licensed medical professional will take in all the factors, such as your skin type, age, and other determining factors when formulating your treatment regimens.

For example, acne is a common issue faced by so many people around the

FDA regulates clinical grade skincare products

world; however, it varies in severity depending on each person's skin type. A licensed medical professional can take into account the severity of different skin problems and formulate the anti-aging ingredients accordingly.

3. Higher Standard of Safety

The FDA regulates all clinical-grade products. This means that only licensed medical professionals can produce these products. This ensures that all formulations are safe since even unsafe chemicals cannot touch your skin if they aren't approved for use by the FDA.

Many people find it hard to trust non-licensed medical professionals providing skincare products. If that's the case for you, then you can rest assured knowing that all clinical skincare products have been approved for safe use.

4. Clinical-Grade Formulations are More Precise 

Clinical grade products ensure that you receive the most effective treatment for skin problems or concerns. These products go through rigorous testing before being allowed on the market, either as over the counter or clinical-grade products. This ensures that they are both safe and effective when applied to your skin.

Formulated with the help of doctors and scientists, the ingredients of clinical-grade products are much safer in comparison to over-the-counter products which can have ingredients that may irritate your skin instead of improving it. Clinical grade products are also much easier to customize since they cater specifically to your skin type and condition.

5. Formula Effectiveness is Clinically Proven

Clinical grade skincare products are precise.

Clinical-grade products are your best choice for effective anti-aging treatment options. These products have been tested clinically and determined to be of optimal effectiveness. While you may use over-the-counter products to address the same skin concerns, clinical-grade products have been proven to be much more effective in comparison.

Clinical-grade skincare proves time and time again that it is worth every penny spent on it. By eliminating many of the risks that come with over-the-counter products, clinical-grade skincare products are proven to have the best ingredients working for you.

If you are looking for ways to improve your skin, then you may want to look into purchasing clinical-grade skincare products. These products have been evaluated by licensed medical professionals and are guaranteed to be of the best quality available on the market today.

6. Combining Clinical Products With Over the Counter Products

Clinical skincare is designed to provide a superior level of comfort and gentleness that over-the-counter products do not possess. By combining these two types of skincare, you are able to get the best outcomes possible when it comes to fighting skin problems and maintaining a healthy glow.

Since these products have been designed to be used at home and in the office, many brands will offer both clinical-grade and at-home products, including plant-based anti-aging products. This can allow you to get the benefits of both worlds, while also allowing you to use a product that works for you in real life.

If you are unsure whether or not to incorporate clinical-grade products in your skincare routine, then there are products available that combine both clinical and non-clinical products. Many of these have found a balance between convenience and efficacy. With ClarityRx you can also contact one of our many estheticians who utilize our brand in office, to provide you with the best regimen options for your skin.

Key Takeaway

There are certainly many reasons why you should look into incorporating clinical-grade skincare into your daily routine. You'll be able to find the right balance between efficacy and convenience while finding the most effective natural plant-based anti-aging remedy.

Clinical-grade skincare products offer the best skincare possible giving your skin top notch results every time. And since it is sold in a medical facility or has been approved by the FDA, it is much safer and more effective than over-the-counter products. If you are looking for ways to improve your skin, then you may want to consider visiting an esthetician or medical professional who offers clinical-grade products, or shop with us here online.

Want to jump right in with an easy regimen for your skin? One of our favorite kits that offers all the best plant-based anti-aging products is our Age Reversal kit, or CLICK HERE to see more kits we offer.

At ClarityRx, all our skincare products are made of the highest quality, plant-based and natural anti-aging ingredients, which ensures the perfect product formulation to give your skin a radiant feel and flawless look. Our clinical-grade, results-proven skincare products will protect your skin from airborne chemicals, UV radiation, as well as a buildup of skin cells and oils.

Need to look your best? Contact us today; one of our team members will be happy to help you select the ideal skincare regimen to help you achieve your best balanced, healthy skin.


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