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How to Keep Skin Hydrated, Healthy, and Glowing

Approximately 8.4 million people in the U.S. report having some form of dry skin. The effects of dry skin can vary greatly from a slight nuisance to a serious issue that causes pain.

If you suffer from dry skin, it’s important to consistently maintain hydrated and healthy skin. Through a consistent routine, you can adequately care for your skin so it glows and looks great with or without makeup.

Unfortunately, the secret to how to keep skin hydrated is more than investing in an expensive moisturizer. There are steps you can take every day to maintain healthy skin with moisture that lasts. Find out how to maintain beautiful, hydrated skin at any age.

Get Enough Sleep

One of the best tips for how to keep your skin hydrated is to get enough sleep. For many people, this might be the hardest step to follow, but it’s essential. Sleep helps your skin health itself from the day’s effects.

Proper sleep can also help reduce stress, which has a direct effect on skin health. When you sleep for at least seven to nine hours, your skin has enough time to repair and improve texture, hydration, acne and more.

You may have noticed that collagen supplements are a popular beauty trend these days. While those supplements may have their place, the best thing you can do to boost collagen is sleep. While you’re sleeping, your skin conducts cell turnover and produce more collagen to help plump and rejuvenate healthy skin.

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

While moisturizers and serums are important (we’ll get there), hydration starts from the inside out. Drinking enough water throughout the day hydrates your entire body while also flushing out toxins.

Dehydration has wide-ranging effects, including drying out your skin and making it look dull and tired. When you drink at least eight cups of water per day and get enough sleep, you’ll be surprised at how much vibrant your skin looks. 

To stay hydrated, try to stick with water or tea as your main beverages. Other drinks like soda and coffee can trick you into thinking you’re getting enough hydration, but those drinks deplete the amount of water in your body.

Protect Against Sun Damage

Many people don’t realize how essential sunscreen is as part of any skincare routine. The truth is, nothing will dry your skin out more than the sun. You may not notice immediately, but the sun will age you drastically over time by causing dehydrated skin and more wrinkles.

Even if you don’t expect to spend a lot of time outside, make sunscreen a daily part of your routine. Cover the areas where you tend to dry out the most, including your face, neck and hands.

Protecting against sun damage will keep your skin hydrated for years’ to come. Ultimately, your skin will look more healthy and youthful.

Exfoliate to Get Rid of Dead Skin

Before we dive into moisturizers and serums, we need to cover exfoliation. Especially if you have dry skin, exfoliation is the best way to get rid of dead skin and make way for fresh, healthy skin.

Exfoliation has a variety of benefits, and it’s an essential part of how to keep dry skin hydrated. You can exfoliate physically or chemically, and we recommend using both methods throughout the week.

With physical exfoliants, it’s important that they’re gentle enough so they don’t cause microtears throughout your skin. Use a physical exfoliant once a week to get rid of dead skin quickly.

Chemical exfoliants like AHA are even better if you suffer from clogged pores. The chemical exfoliants gently release dead skin and debris that might be stuck in your pores.

After exfoliating, your skin is more likely to absorb hydration from moisturizers and serums.

Use the Right Moisturizers

Choosing the right moisturizer can be overwhelming since there are so many products to choose from these days. While you’re looking for a moisturizer, consider your skin type.

If you have combination and acne-prone skin that’s also dry, you may want a lightweight, water-based moisturizer. On the other hand, if you have severely dry skin, you may benefit from a thicker cream-based moisturizer.

Choose products with ingredients that provide long-lasting benefits, like hyaluronic acid and lanolin. These ingredients lock in moisture throughout the day so you don’t need to reapply more moisturizer.

Layer Products for Maximum Benefits

Another great tip for how to keep hydrated skin is to layer different products throughout your skincare routine. Instead of relying on one moisturizer, you can boost its efficacy with a serum.

Whenever layering products, make sure you go from lightweight to heavyweight. That means you’ll cleanse, tone, apply light serums and follow with heavier moisturizers.

Serums include high concentrations of specific products, so they work deeper in your skin. Consider a serum with hyaluronic acid that can seep into your mores and work all day long.

Use a Humidifier at Night

The hardest time to keep your skin healthy is during the winter. Depending on where you live, you might be dealing with extremely dry conditions and cold wind. To help your skin heal from this weather, invest in a humidifier.

While you’re sleeping, the humidifier can help bring some extra moisture into your skin. A humid environment also makes sure your skin doesn’t dry out overnight, and it keeps your skincare products working throughout the night.

How to Keep Skin Hydrated All Year Long

When it comes to how to keep skin hydrated, the best advice is to maintain a skin care regimen. By sticking with a routine, you can make sure your skin adjusts to new products and is consistently receiving enough hydration.

At Clarity Clinical Skincare, we offer safe and healthy products that offer quality ingredients without harmful chemicals or additives. Shop our hydrators today to find the products that work best for your skin.

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