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Winter Skin Tips to Keep Your Complexion Clear

Remove Makeup 

Getting deep into your pores to remove layers of makeup, dirt, and debris isn't just about foaming up with your cleanser and massaging your face for 20 seconds. Things like foundation, sunscreen, powder, and blush can all clog pores if skin isn't cleansed thoroughly. Not to mention, a layer of makeup acts as a barrier between the skin and skincare products. Without an adequate makeup remover, skin is less likely to absorb serums and moisturizers as a result. 

You can quickly get rid of residue with the Take It Off™ Gentle Make-up Remover, which easily wipes away makeup and oils without irritating your skin. Those with sensitive skin can benefit from the gentle formula that erases all traces of even the most long-lasting of liners. 


Purify Skin 

A hydrating and gentle cleanser is a staple in everyone's winter skincare routine to get rid of dirt, dead skin cells, oil, and other debris after removing makeup. Oil and dirt can build up overnight and during the day, so a cleanser is crucial to keep pores clear of anything that could cause irritation and breakouts. 

You may benefit from a cleanser that contains CBD as an active ingredient, which can reduce the appearance of visible redness and soothe skin. Of course, we know this ingredient has a calming effect, and this may also be true on sensitive or reactive skin types. Return to Calm™ CBD Facial Cleanser uses a full-spectrum CBD extract from the cannabis sativa plant to calm the skin. The product has other main ingredients like Sativa Seed Oil to help support the repair of cell damage and infuse skin in comforting hydration. 


Soothe With a Serum 

When skin is dehydrated or depleted from its natural oils, it can start to appear dull and lackluster. A targeted brightening serum that contains moisture-boosting ingredients is a way to combat the effects of cold weather.  

A great way to achieve smooth and balanced skin is with a product like Get Balanced™ Probiotic Serum. It makes use of Pomegranate and Sweet Almond Seed extract for protection with powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals plus nourishing Probiotics that replenish the skin's microbiome with beneficial bacteria to soothe sensitive or irritated skin types. 


Gentle Exfoliation 

It might seem extreme to exfoliate your skin in winter; after all, aren't we supposed to be protecting our compromised skin barrier from further damage and dehydration?  

The truth is, once our skin becomes drier and rougher to the touch, that means it's harder for our skincare to penetrate beyond the skin's mantle, rendering our skincare useless or at the very best, diluting its efficacy. 

A way to avoid aggravating your already vulnerable skin any further, choose a gentle exfoliating method like the Pick Me Up™ Skin Booster Pads. They contain Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids that refine your pores, smooth rough texture, and loosen dead and dull skin cells from the surface to reveal healthier, smoother, and brighter-looking skin underneath. 


Hydrating Creams 

When looking for a moisturizer to complete your winter skincare routine, look for one that contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin C as part of their formulas. The nutrient contains defensive properties that can reduce the appearance of puffiness, swelling, and dullness, all while promoting a more youthful-looking complexion through supporting collagen production.  

The C-Results™ Vitamin C Hydrating Antioxidant Cream is a deeply hydrating formula that targets skin suffering from dark marks, discoloration, dullness, and wrinkles. The results? Smoother, brighter, more radiant skin. 


Create Your Winter Skin Routine 

Winter weather can negatively affect a person's skin. Prepare for the season with ClarityRx products. We use natural ingredients to detoxify pores and retain moisture in the skin. We offer a variety of skincare products. You can discover what works best for you. Browse our site or contact us if you have any questions. 

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