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Free Shipping with any purchase of $125 or more.


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It's been a messy and stressy time, I am prone to stress breakouts. Nothing helped until I tried this. The applicator is easy to target the areas I need, the scent is nice, and it even clears up the red areas around a breakout. My new and only go to.

Return to Calm™
Denisse Martinez
Love it

Feels amazing!


This is great for sensitive skin. I enjoyed it very much.

A gentle makeup remover

I enjoyed this product a lot, i just wish it was thicker and not so watery. However it definitely takes makeup off, even my kylie liners that never seem to come off. Smell is not strong which i like. Feels good on the skin, but definitely needs cleanser and moisturizer done after if you're dry skin type.


I used this last night to remove my makeup. My face felt so clean and nourished...even before a second cleanse. This stuff is fantastic!

Love it!!!

I absolutely love this moisturizer! I have dry, sensitive skin and ithelped my skin so much! I love everything I've tried from ClarityRX. Everything I've tried has definitely saved my skin. We have freezing winters and hot summers so my skin definitely gets super dry. To sum it up, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

good and bad

I got this moisturizer after having it with a few facials. I will say it really reduced my redness more than any other product ive used but when I apply it I have a sticky and tight feeling on my face. Its pretty annoying and I will probably go back to dermetelogica after this cream is done. For $70 and a small container im just not impressed with the face feel but again great for my redness.

Great for sensitive skin!

I’ve really enjoyed this remover. No scent- so if feels all natural like the ingredients say. Removes any and all make up with a tiny pump of product and quick swipe. I use before my cleanser and have been super impressed with how much makeup It removes with minimal effort! Gentle and effective.


I absolutely love this formula. The smell is not too strong and the plant based ingredients are straight and to the point. The applicator is super convenient allowing you to only apply product to specific spots OR gives you the ability to swipe across an area. A tube seems to last a long time and I’ve been super impressed with my results. Doesn’t over-dry skin!


I wear eye makeup every day & have Super sensitive skin. This makeup remover cleaned the mascara etc from my eyes without being overly oily & washed beautifully. Love it!

Works as advertised

This definitely works. My skin actually feels clean without all the residue that’s usually left with other makeup-removing products. It’s gentle, and doesn’t burn. It’s great for my sensitive skin.

Great ingredients!

I absolutely love love love the AHA and BHA combo in this spot blemish treatment. I always use salicylic acid (It’s my go to ) and sometimes that’s just isn’t enough; the glycolic definitely helps with shedding that extra skin and fade color/ Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation . As a medical aesthetician , I truly enjoy the fact that there is both alphahydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid. This product deserves many more than five stars however, I’m just not a fan of the dough for lip gloss like applicator. Although they have the ingredient witch hazel within this product, which is antimicrobial, it’s still make me feel extra comfortable putting this on my skin And returning it back inside if it’s tube. Definitely a 1010 recommend for those that are dealing with non-pustular blemishes. Oh and I forgot it also includes zinc! A great ingredient, plant-based, that truly helps with calming down redness and inflammation in the upper most layer of the skin which in turn will help with calming the appearance of the blemish itself. Really happy with clarity and hope this comes out in a different applicator form! Maybe squeezey tube?

Love this !!

I love how it comes with an easy to use applicator. you don’t need to much of the product, just a little dap on the area that needs it and your all set !

Best timing!

Received this 2 days ago and I can already tell my breakout is drying up! After going through a lot of stress I tend to break out much easier. I use it 2 times a day, morning and night and it’s clearing up!

Does what it says!

I love this eye cream, it definitely does what it says it does, makes me look less tired in the mornings for sure, Def recommend!

Amazing, works!

This is amazing. I've used hydroquinone for years, but I don't like using it because it feels harsh & actually makes my skin peel. I've only been using this product for a lil over a week & I already see results that my hydroquinone has not been giving me. My dark spots have lightened so much, it takes the hydroquinone a couple months to get the same results, plus this product actually feels good on the skin. Should definitely try it!


Wow, this is the best sunscreen EVER! It looks flawless, no white cast as all once absorbed, not drying, no irritation caused, def recommend!

Feels so good on skin

This feels so good on skin, not drying or harsh at all. Love it

Works great!

Removed eye makeup and long wear lipstick with ease. Did not irritate my eyes and very gentle.

Down + Dirty™
Debera Schroeder
Gentle and effective

I really like this exfoliator, you don’t need much of it and it leaves my skin feeling very even and soft. It’s got a slight cooling effect too which is nice.

Return to Calm™
Tamara Huffer
CBD Return to Calm is Amazing!

I love this new CBD Moisturizer! The Return to Calm leave my face feeling so soft and hydrated. The texture of my face is smoother and more even. I have even noticed my makeup sets on my face better without caking Or getting into my pores and looks better. I love the clean smell and texture of the CBC Return to Calm moisturizer. I would highly this product and will be buying it again soon, as mine runs out!

Long Lasting Moisture!

I've been using it for 15 days with great results, the texture is thick and super moisturizing, also a bit tacky and takes some time to fully absorb, but once it does the skin feels soft and supple, I find this formula very calming and overall soothing I specially love it as part of my nighttime routine because I wake up with the softest plump skin in the morning, it plays well under sunscreen, and gives me a nice glow, I also appreciate this clean plant based formula packed with amazing ingredients!

Return to Calm™
Danielle Harmon

This is a great moisturizing cream for irritation or problem skin.
My skin has been red and irritated later due to overuse of retina.
Since using the cream it has calmed everything down.

Return to Calm™
Kelly Price
Thick Consistency and Tacky Feeling

I really wanted to enjoy this product, not to say it was horrible but I didn’t see much noticeable difference in my skin personally. After applying, the consistency felt like cocoa butter and didn’t absorb into my skin well. I wish it had better hydration.

Return to Calm™
Trecia Williams
Calm describes it well

It gives d skin a cool , smooth look. It goes on light