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The Importance of Skin Care & Benefits of Plant Based Products

The Importance of Skin Care & Benefits of Plant Based Products

Believe it or not, your skin is the largest organ. Most people may not think of the skin as an organ, but it helps protect the body from external elements such as heat, cold, and harmful bacteria. That’s why it’s important to take care of your skin. Keeping the skin in tip-top shape ensures it’s doing the best it can at protecting the body. And bonus: it maintains a healthy, youthful appearance.


The importance of a regimen

A healthy skincare regimen is a multi-step process from makeup removal to moisturizing and applying SPF. Each step plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin.


  1. Makeup removal

Think of this step as the set up to everything else that follows. Thoroughly wiping away makeup sets the stage for effective cleansing.


  1. Cleansing

This underrated step is essential. Proper cleansing removes dirt, oil and buildup from the pores, and can help with skin hydration. Cleansing doesn’t have to mean stripping the skin of moisture. When done right, your skin should feel clean and refreshed, not tight and dry. There are cleansers formulated for different skin types and skin concerns, so find one that works with your skin’s needs to get the most out of this step.


  1. Exfoliating

Gently sloughing away dead skin cells not only means your face is smoother and brighter, but it also helps anything you apply after exfoliating absorb into the skin more effectively. Masks and serums will pack a better punch if you take the extra time to exfoliate.


  1. At-home treatments

This extra step isn’t a daily one, but rather on an as needed basis. We recommend using an at-home mask or acid corrector regularly, but exactly how often will depend on the formula and your skin. At-home mask treatments are a great way to detox, replenish moisture, purge the skin of impurities and reduce the signs of aging. Acid correctors are more potent solutions to hyperpigmentation, acne and signs of aging.


  1. Target concerns

Serums are highly potent formulations that are meant to be left on the skin and a very beneficial step in a routine. This is how you can really customize your regimen and target your skin concerns. Most serums only need to be applied in small quantities, but make a huge difference in the overall health of your skin.


  1. Protect and hydrate

The final step in any skincare routine should be applying broad spectrum SPF and moisturizing. Since Clarity Rx’s SPFs are naturally hydrating formulations, we recommend hydrators for nighttime use. This step protects the skin from external elements and seals in essential moisture.


The benefit of plant-based skincare

At Clarity Rx, we believe beautiful skin is healthy skin. We work to develop product formulations that are results driven and we do this using the power of plants. All of our products are plant-based. You’ll never find fragrances, parabens or sulfates in our products, which are common sources for causing skin irritation and breakouts. With a Clarity Rx regimen, you’re getting powerful formulations with zero trade offs. Now, that’s how you get healthy skin.

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