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Summer skin blog: Essential Products to Use in Your Summer Skin Routine

Summer skin blog: Essential Products to Use in Your Summer Skin Routine

Summer is upon us, and if you're like us, you're excited to soak up the sun. It's exciting to spend time outside during long summer days, but unfortunately, the sun can be damaging to your delicate skin. 

The good news is, if you're using the right products, you don't have to worry about spending time outside, because you'll be protecting your skin from harmful UV damage. Let's discuss the importance of a plant-based summer skincare routine. Not only is skincare important for warding off sun damage, but it's an important self-care ritual, too! 


How Can Skincare Reduce Sun Damage? 

Using skincare with SPF can help you avoid harmful UV damage. Health professionals agree that wearing sunscreen can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. Remember, you only need to be exposed to the sun for 10 to 15 minutes to get burned. So, even if you're only spending a few minutes outside, you've got to protect yourself. 

Having a skincare routine that includes SPF can help you prevent premature aging, dark spots, and an uneven complexion, too. The sun can cause things like loose skin, age spots, wrinkles, a splotchy complexion, and more.  


What are the Perks of Plant-Based Skincare for the Summer? 

Plant-based skincare differs in quality and efficacy from one brand to another. For instance, not all vegan and plant-based brands are necessarily cruelty-free, but ClarityRx is.  Plus, benefits of ClarityRx’s plant-based formulations are that they contain professional-grade actives that are proven to work on skin and produce visible results.  

A lot of people think that plant-based skincare is less effective than other products, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Here are some our best-selling plant-based products that you can introduce into your summer skin rotation. These products work. 


Plant-based Skincare Products for Summer 

Cold Compress™ Soothing Cucumber Mask 

This soothing cucumber mask is a must-have for anyone with skin that’s prone to redness. Whether you've got rosacea, have a fair complexion with cool undertones, or simply are more sensitive, this product will help to hydrate, calm, and cool your skin. The results don't lie, and the product is incredibly relaxing, too. 


C-Results™ Vitamin C Cleanser 

You'll certainly "C-Results" when you use this cleanser. If you're someone who's looking for clearer, brighter 

 skin, this product is the perfect choice. Users of all skin types will find that this cleanser helps to give dull skin a radiant glow that looks lit from within. 


Physical Skin Defense™ Tinted Mineral SPF 50 with Antioxidants 

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without an incredible sunscreen. We can't overstate the importance of using an SPF daily, and this sunscreen is designed to block out damaging UVA and UVB rays, all while blurring the look of skin imperfections and minimizing the appearance of acne, fine lines, and dark marks. What's better than that? 


Enhance Your Summer Skin with ClarityRx 

ClarityRx offers products that are designed to work because skincare routines should be clean, effective, luxurious, and simple. Don't stop adventuring this summer, but protect your skin while you do it! If you're ready to get new products that can improve your plant-based skincare for summer, choose ClarityRx. 

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