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Prep Your Skin for the New Year

Prep Your Skin for the New Year

The new year is just around the corner. And whether you’re mentally ready or not, your skin can be. There’s no need to wait for a New Year’s resolution to start addressing your skin’s health and with the right products, ingredients and habits, you can start seeing results before 2022 even gets here.


Try these three tips to head into 2022 with your best skin yet.


  1. Incorporate a multi-week treatment.

At-home treatments can be highly effective in renewing and improving the overall health of the skin. But since at-home options are usually powered with lower percentages of key ingredients for safety purposes, regular use is key.


Sleep It Off™ Natural Retinol Alternative Mask is one of our favorite formulations for an at-home treatment that’s easy to use and reveals amazing results. Using blue green algae extract as a natural retinol alternative, this overnight mask gently treats rough skin texture, loss of elasticity, dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles without the irritation commonly associated with retinol use. Blue green algae contains substantial nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and peptides that help draw toxins from the skin while also softening and hydrating. When paired with ginger and orange extracts, this formula is highly restorative.


After 21 days of nightly use, the skin appears more youthful, smooth and healthy, making it the perfect treatment option just in time for the new year.


  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Water is one of the best ways to maintain healthy, glowing skin, but it can be easy to skip during cooler weather, at holiday parties and family gatherings. Alcohol, sweets and travel further deplete the body of necessary hydration. Maintaining a proper water intake will fend off dry and irritated winter skin and improve overall barrier function. Drink up…and then drink up some more.


  1. Continue daily SPF use.

Prevention is easier than correction and the best preventative measure is a reliable broad spectrum SPF boosted with antioxidants. Broad spectrum SPF protects against UVA rays that cause premature signs of aging and UVB rays that cause sunburn. Formulations enhanced with additional antioxidants defend against free radical damage that cause dark spots and premature signs of aging. Try Skin Defense™ Environmental Protection SPF 50 or Physical Skin Defense™ Tinted Mineral SPF 50 with Antioxidants. Both will offer effective sun and environmental protection and light hydration.  

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