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Hyaluronic Acid: Essential for Skin Rejuvenation

For those of you who don't know, hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance found in our skin. It's incredibly impressive; it can hold as much as 1000x its weight in moisture.

It's essential for rejuvenating skin, leaving you looking fresh and healthy. With that in mind, let's dive into all the hyaluronic acid benefits.

What's Hyaluronic Acid?

In short, hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients for skin care products. It works wonders for protecting the condition of our skin.

It's an example of hygroscopic skin care, which simply means hyaluronic acid can draw moisture from its surrounding areas. This is amazing for keeping your complexion hydrated. So, if you're suffering from dry and damaged skin, try using skin care products containing hyaluronic acid and see if it makes a difference!

1. Hyaluronic Acid's Anti-Aging Benefits

Although hyaluronic acid (HA) occurs naturally in almost every cell in the body, you'll find the most significant concentrations of it in our skin. Nearly as much as half our hyaluronic acid is located here!

You'll discover HA in both the deeper dermal areas of our skin and the surface layers, which means it plays a pretty integral role!

It's not a coincidence that young skin tends to be smoother. It's because it boasts a larger quantity of hyaluronic acid, which is essential for keeping skin looking young and healthy by keeping it moisturized 

Also, as the years go by, our complexion begins to slack, which causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear. However, hyaluronic acid is jam-packed full of skin-replenishing properties. 

So, if you're looking to combat the signs of aging or want to combat dryness, using a cream containing hyaluronic acid is an absolute must!

2. Can Speed up the Healing of Wounds

Interestingly, hyaluronic acid also plays a crucial role in healing wounds. As we've discussed, hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin.

However, the body increases our hyaluronic acid levels when in the unfortunate event of a wound. This is why applying hyaluronic acid creams directly onto the wound can aid with recovery.

The acid regulates inflammation levels in addition to communicating to the brain we need more blood vessels in the damaged area so it can repair itself. 

Fun Fact: hyaluronic acid has antibacterial properties, so if you apply it to the wound, you'll significantly reduce the risk of infection. 

3. Plumper Lips

Our lips are covered in skin tissue, so it's not surprising that hyaluronic acid and collagen work together to form the shape of our mouths. Just like healthy skin, hyaluronic acid binds with water to produce fluid that hydrates the tissue surrounding our lips. This works wonders for keeping our lips looking luscious and plump. 

4. Strong Bones

Studies have shown that hyaluronic acid supplements are great for promoting healthy bones. This might be able to slow down the rate of bone loss in those suffering from osteopenia. 

5. Tackle Dry Eyes

Did you know as many as one out of seven adults suffer from dry eyes? 

As hyaluronic acid is terrific for retaining moisture, it's a fabulous treatment for dry eyes, which is why eye drops usually contain anywhere between 0.2-0.4% hyaluronic acid as part of its solution. 

Similar eye drops are also used during eye surgery to reduce inflammation and to speed up the healing process.

6. Hyaluronic Acid Might Prevent Bladder Pain

As many as three to six percent of women suffer from conditions that result in painful bladders. This symptoms often present themselves as tender abdominal muscles in addition to the frequent need to urinate. 

Hyaluronic acid can help relieve both the pain and the need to wee as regularly.  The theory behind this is that hyaluronic acid helps to repair the bladder, which makes it less receptive to pain. 

7. Can Soothe Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Hyaluronic acid supplements work wonders for reducing symptoms associated with acid reflux. 

Acid reflux happens when our stomach contents regurgitate into the throat. This can be both painful and damaging to the lining of the esophagus.

It's believed that hyaluronic acid might soothe the lining of the esophagus and help it recover from the trauma of acid reflux.  

The research surrounding this theory is still pretty fresh, so more studies are needed to ensure the results are reliable. However, the above headway is promising. 

8. Relieve Joint Pain 

In addition to skin, hyaluronic acid is also found in our joints. It works to keep the area between our bones lubricated. This ensures your bones don't grind against one another, which can result in pain and aggravation. 

So, hyaluronic acid supplements are helpful for those suffering from osteoarthritis. In fact, studies show that suffers taking 80-200 mg supplements each day for two months are significantly less likely to experience knee pain.

In addition to supplements, hyaluronic acid can be injected straight into the joint to provide some much-needed relief. However, surveys suggest injections aren't as effective as supplements. 

There is a body of research that suggests pairing hyaluronic acid supplements with injections is a fabulous way to tackle pain management in joints. 

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Elizabeth Hunt - July 11, 2023

Descriptive and to the point on what hyaluronic acid does and it’s benefits, I liked it

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