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best foods for acne

The 7 Best Foods for Acne Treatment and Prevention

The saying "beauty is more than skin deep" is true! The condition of your skin depends on more than the products you use to clean and moisturize. What you eat can have a significant impact on the tone, texture, and condition of your skin. Of course, taking good care of your skin and using the right skincare products makes a big difference for long-term clear skin. However, you can help your skincare work better by also eating foods that promote healthy skin. Do you want clearer skin? Make a list and head to the store to get some of the best foods for acne prevention.

1. Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are good year-round—not just for the pumpkin spice season! You can assist the effectiveness of your skincare products by consuming foods that contain some of the same natural ingredients. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and vitamin E—two essential ingredients that are essential for healthy skin. You'll find Vitamin E in many quality skincare products that target acne. Zinc and vitamin E work to prevent pimples. These vitamins also help reduce the appearance of cystic acne and the marks this condition leaves behind. Look for unsalted pumpkin seeds to help reduce your sodium intake while boosting the health of your skin.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Choosing sweet potatoes can help your skin fight against sun damage. Sweet potatoes have vitamin A, which helps protect against damage from the sun. You'll also find vitamins E and C in sweet potatoes. These vitamins help brighten skin and keep it youthful and supple. When your skin is healthy, it produces less oil to create acne. With vitamin C, you're helping your skin reduce the appearance of dark spots or discoloration associated with acne. Avoid sweet potato fried for the best health benefits. Try your sweet potatoes boiled or steam to preserve the vitamins and nutrients that best benefit your skin.

3. Fatty Fish

Fish are a source of "good" fats. The word "fat" gets a bad rap. It's most often associated with the "bad" fat we want to lose from our waistlines. The wrong kind of fat can also clog arteries and negatively affect your health. However, the right kinds of fats are good for your heart and your skin. Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that do good things in your body and for your complexion. Look for these fats in tuna, salmon, and sardines. If you don't like fish, consider adding a fish oil Omega-3 supplement to your acne diet to increase your body's level of "good" fat.

4. Blueberries

Fresh blueberries in your morning yogurt can do wonders for your skin. Blueberries are full of antioxidants that help protect your body and skin from free radicals. Free radicals are tiny molecules in the air that can damage your cells. With enough damage, free radicals contribute to aging and diseases. Without protection from free radicals, your skin is more susceptible to acne and other skin problems. Blueberries also contain pectin. Pectin helps keep your intestines clear of toxins that can cause acne. Whether you use fresh or frozen blueberries, you're fighting against acne.

5. Cashews

If you're looking for a healthy afternoon snack to add to your anti-acne diet, cashews can be filling and help clear your skin. Cashews contain a healthy dose of zinc. If you suffer from severe acne, it could be from a lack of zinc in your bloodstream. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties. Acne is often marked by deep red patches of skin. An anti-inflammatory helps reduce redness and swelling where acne is more active. Choose foods with plenty of zinc to make sure your body can fight the effects of acne. If nuts aren't your thing, you'll find plenty of zinc in beef, lobster, or dark chocolate.

6. Leafy or Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are good for you for a variety of reasons. We say "eat your vegetables" because you'll help improve your digestion, metabolism, and it's another one of the best foods that fight acne. Vegetables like celery, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, kale, lettuce, peas, spinach, and peppers have plenty of iron and antioxidants. Many of these vegetables also act as natural sun protection from the inside out! When your skin stays safe from harmful sun rays, it's healthier, stronger, and better for fighting against acne. Plus, green vegetables can improve your mood. If you don't love kale, you'll find serotonin in many other leafy green vegetables to lift your spirits.

7.  Oranges

You'll find vitamin C in many skincare products because it helps your skin look brighter. To help your skin from the inside, add oranges to your diet. They're full of vitamin C! When adding more foods that help acne, oranges are an easy addition. You can take an orange almost anywhere for a snack, or add it to your favorite light salad. Oranges benefit your skin with their anti-inflammatory properties. They taste delicious while reducing the redness and swelling that comes with severe acne.

The Best Foods for Acne Are Good for You

Eating the best foods for acne helps your skin and your overall health! Zinc, vitamin C, and fatty acids improve your overall health. When incorporating these foods into your everyday diet, you'll find that the combination of acne-fighting foods and an excellent skincare routine helps keep your acne under control. In addition to eating acne-fighting foods, be sure you drink plenty of water. Water is a great cleanser! Wash away many of the skin impurities and internal toxins that cause acne by drinking plenty of water every day. When choosing your skincare products, look for sustainable products made in the USA. Avoid products made with harsh chemicals. Your skin deserves safe, simple products to keep your skin acne-free and glowing! Shop our product line to find the right solution for your clearer skin!
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